“The Call Center Training (HB Scholarship) greatly affected my life in such a positive way. This training sharpened my skills, heightened my confidence and made me believe in my capabilities. Once again, I’ve learned to trust myself. It also opened a lot of opportunities for me”

-Norfien Araneta



“We’ve learned so many things about the call center industry. The program also served as a stepping stone in pursuing our dreams”

-Gladys De Dios


“This program clearly shows the sincerity of the Quezon City Government in fighting poverty and uplifting the lives of every resident in our beloved city. I hope this program will continue so that more lives will be changed”

-Marlone Detecio


“Because of this training, I learned the discipline of gratefulness. I really appreciate the effort and help of this scholarship program. It inspired me to continue and not give up”

-Junar Pragacha



“HB Scholarship impacted my life in a way that it gave me HOPE. Hope in the sense that I know it will help me to pursue LIFE—not just life but a career in which I can learn and at the same time earn a living for my family. I’ve learned so many things during our training”

-Czarina Jupia


“The training helped develop my interpersonal skills. It helped me boost my confidence”

-Joanne Bayo


“Oeridian Training made me a better person. Because of this training, I met a lot of friends and learned to manage my time despite being a mother”

-Barbara Luciana Raz



“Now I am more comfortable and confident talking to different kinds of people. I can also type faster. My classmates and I are like brothers and sisters. The teachers were all very good. They really tried their best to impart their knowledge and experience to all of the trainees; they are all friendly and accommodating”

-Rosylyn Valenzona


“I am very proud because I became a student of the best trainers of our age; they gave me a lot of inspiration. I saw and appreciate their sacrifices. I admit that I am not a fast learner but because I saw their effort and care to make us equipped as a call center agent, I pushed myself to go further.”

-Gener Montuerto


“ One of the best things that I experienced in life is to become a part of Oeridian Training Solution which helped me a lot in terms of soft skills training, call center core skills and grammar and speech application. Most of all, I gained a lot of new friends and lessons in life that I will really cherish for the rest of my life”

-Andrew Nieva


“I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to improve myself both in personal and professional aspects in life. The training enhances every individual’s knowledge, self-confidence, cooperation, resourcefulness and leadership. I am very grateful that a career path was opened for us”

– Rex Lite


“We learned a lot from the training center because of the good and approachable trainers”

-Rudelyn Andaya


“The training helped a lot in building my self confidence and how to interact with other people. The time I spent in Oeridian was very enjoyable and it made me feel very happy. The trainers were very optimistic and they really helped us develop our skills”

-Suzette Darag


“Now I have confidence in expressing myself. I learned how to handle phone calls with different customers, especially with talkative and irate customers. I improved my listening and typing skills too”

-Analiza Sabas


“The training has been a wonderful experience in my life. It gave me a chance to improve my skills and personality. It gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people whom I can treasure for the rest of my life”

-Donalie Doctama


“Having good and patient trainers helped me improve. This program is a great help to those who really want to become a call center agent”

-Cecilia Roman


“During the actual training I became very surprised because I saw something more than what I expected; we had exceptionally great trainers that guided us all throughout the training period”

-Angeline Gonzalo


“Oeridian Training plus PESO equals Good Career. The training helped me to find the missing piece to complete the puzzle of my life”

-Marlou Basibasi


“Our trainers are patient, cheerful, skillful and knowledgeable. I am grateful that I became a part of Oeridian Training Solutions. And if I’ll be given a chance to be a part of this scholarship program again, I’ll surely grab it the second time around”

-Maria Mariz Barte


“They helped us forge our ability in the field of communicating with other people. This training greatly changed my life”

-Lanilou Motita


“The Call Center Training influenced every aspect of my life. The physical, mental and social changes that I have experienced are subtle but significant”

-Richard Silvestre


“Being a scholar here in this training program has been such a wonderful experience for me. It truly affected my life so much by gaining knowledge, skills and techniques”

-Kimberly Leigh De Castro


“I’m a physically handicapped person. I always thought that I couldn’t get a job because of my disability. The HB Scholarship really gave me hope”

-Emma Laine Santos